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One Stop Services by Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board


One Stop Services (OSS) organizes complete Licensing and Non-licensing procedure of investment in single office that has the authority from related technical institutions or ministries to issue the Licensing and Non-licensing documents on particular sectors.
Implementation of OSS in the field of investment by the Government enforced by BKPM at the Central Government level / PDPPM (The Regional Investment Board) at the provincial government level / PDKPM (The District / City Investment Board) at the level of local government district / municipality, on the basis of devolution / delegation of authority from the technical Minister / Head of the Non-department Organization (Government Officials) which has the authority over government affairs in the field of investment.
Implementation of OSS is dedicated to provide easy, fast, precise, accurate, transparent and accountable Licensing and Non-licensing services. In addition to support the BKPM tasks in order to tailor competitive investment climate to support the quality of national economy.
A. Working Mechanism
  1. Investors requiring licensing and non-licensing investment for operational implementation of business activity shall take a queuing number, except for service complaints
  2. Investors requiring investment information service shall contact Help Desk service.
  3. Investors requiring services on licensing and non-licensing application submission shall contact Front Officer Investment Services.
  4. Investors requiring submission service on Investment Activity Report (LKPM) and request cancellation / revocation of investment licenses shall contact Front Officer Implementation and Monitoring Investment.
  5. Investors requiring service on submission of non-licensing investment application that is not delegated to the Chairman of BKPM shall contact Front Line Ministries Officer.
  6. Investors requiring service on retrieval licensing and non-licensing investment shall contact Administrative BKPM.
All services are conducted in the framework of the implementation of the OSS in the field of investment in BKPM is free of charge
B. Help Desk & Complaints Service
  1. Help Desk Services implemented by Front Officer of Investment Climate Development.
  2. Front Officer of Investment Climate Development responsibles to provide information and consulting services for all types of investment services carried out in the framework of the implementation of the OSS functions in BKPM.
  3. Complaints Service id conducted by officials who are assigned duties based on a warrant.
  4. Complaints Service Desk responsibles to receive complaints on all types of investment Licensing and Non-licensing services undertaken in the framework of the implementation of the OSS functions in BKPM.
C. Electronic Invesment Licensing Service System (SPIPISE)
Implementation of the OSS in the field of investment should be conducted by e-government through electronically integrated system on investment information and licensing. In the era of information transparency on Licensing and Non-licensing investment services to the user, implementation of OSS in BKPM comes with  online tracking system.

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